Pupil Voice - Picture News and Courageous Advocacy

Each week, in our collective worship we take time to look at what is in the news. We use this time to understand the news, discuss how it makes us feel and how this impacts us, our local area and the wider world. We use our reflection skills to ask and answer questions then link these stories to the relevant British Values and Global Goals.   



Your views …

”I think this is rude. They might have the tattoos to help them remember people or places so to be told they can’t have them will be upsetting.” Yr5

”I am shocked! It is their body and they should be able to choose what they do.” Yr6

”Having the tattoos does not mean they aren’t a good example.” Yr4 

“ It makes me upset that they are being bossed around” Yr1



Your views … 

“He should be made to leave, it is not ok for him to have different rules.”

”Maybe he should be given chance to put it right and have the vaccine.”

“It would not be fair for him to be allowed to break the rules when other people have to follow them.”

”We all had to follow the rules so he should do the same.”


Click on the link below for an example of Collective Worship using Picture News