At Kilnhurst St Thomas' C of E Primary Academy, pupils and staff come from different faiths and none. We have a distinctly Christian ethos, which is reflected in our values and vision. Religious education (RE) and Collective Worship are highly valued aspects of our school life.  They enable understanding of how religion and beliefs affect our lives.  At the heart of RE in our schools is the teaching of Christianity, pupils also learn about other faiths and world views. Collective Worship in our school reflects the traditions of the Church of England.

R. E Curriculum information

Religious Education is a legal entitlement for every pupil. The teaching of RE sits under our over-arching curriculum policy which encompasses the threshold concepts, breadth of study and the milestones for progress by key phase.

We follow the Discovery RE scheme of work and the Church of England's 'Understanding Christianity' curriculum. Across the classes, our long term plan ensures that our children are learning about core Christian concepts alongside other world faiths. 

RE enables our children to participate in an on-going search for wisdom. RE makes a distinctive contribution to the school curriculum by developing pupils' knowledge and understanding of religion, religious beliefs, practices, language and traditions and their influence on individuals, communities, societies and cultures.

We believe that children should develop a keen awareness, and understanding of the diverse cultures and the beliefs of their local community and the wider world. This ensures our children leave us with a well-rounded view and tolerance of world faiths, non-faiths and customs of many cultures. 

We learn about and from RE in diverse ways.  

Programme of study

Pupils learn about and from Christianity in depth and also about and from other principle religions represented in Britain. RE provides our pupils with opportunity to learn about other world faiths as they develop a sense of fairness and justice for all whatever their background and wherever they live. Our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education reinforces the children’s appreciation of others and their rights.

We cover a range of religions across our school including:


See the long term plan for RE by key phase for more information. 

Below are links to the National Curriculum, information about the Church of England's Understanding Christianity and Discovery RE scheme. 

National Curriculum

Understanding Christianity

Discovery RE


RE at St Thomas'


Samples of how knowledge is covered. 





Sample of End of Year Expectations. 

Hot Seating Noah - Y4

Y5 and Y6 Visit to St Thomas' Church