At St Thomas, we want our children to be naturally curious about the world around them and to gain an understanding of the world in which they live.  We follow the National Curriculum to structure our science curriculum, as we know that this means our curriculum is ambitious for all pupils.  Throughout our school, children are encouraged to develop and use a range of working scientifically skills including: asking questions, planning, predicting, researching, observing, measuring and recording.  We have thought carefully about how we sequence learning over time and have broken down learning into small steps that revisits and teaches new learning starting from when children enter Foundation stage until they leave. 


To support planning, we use Cornerstones scheme of work that is taught in discrete lessons.  This scheme provides full coverage of the primary science programmes of study and provides access to all subject knowledge and working scientifically objectives in a range of contexts to support the embedding of these skills and concepts.  

Science at St Thomas 



Long Term Plan Science


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End of Key Stage Expectations


Science National Curriculum

 National Science Curriculum

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STEM activities

STEM activities and CPD

Nonington Farms - Link Farmer

Our link farmer - Emma - is from Nonington Farm, Kent and hosts assemblies to share her expertise in farming.


Science Educational Visits

Moorland Discovery Centre - children linked their river learning to states of matter and the water cycle.


Year 2 Micro Habitat Lesson May 2023


 Year 4 May 2023 STEM AMRC Electricity Lesson




VEX Robot AMRC Challenge


Science Week

To celebrate 'science week' in March 2023 the children took part in a variety of activities which included: learning about animals - biology, making bubbles - chemistry, paper aeroplanes and gyrocopters - physics and working scientifically in fantastic fingerprints using observing and classifying skills and knowledge.


Year 5 - Science taster at Swinton Academy