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Welcome back after the summer holiday! We do hope you managed to make the best of it and have a great time. We hope you are all well-rested and raring to dive into a fabulous term of learning and discovering!


Mrs Mitchell and myself have very much enjoyed getting to know the children this week and just wanted to share with you some of the learning we will be doing this term.


Mrs Raison and Mrs Mitchell xx

Our first main topic is: ‘A Child’s War’ by Michelle Magorian, which focuses very much on the impact of World War Two on children from 1939 – 1945. We are using the novel ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ to look at evacuation and the story of William Beech and Thomas Oakley. After Half term, we will be switching to ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by Katherine Rundell, which is set in Russia and tells the story of a child who runs with the wolves in an attempt to reintroduce them to the wilderness.

Maths: This year we will continue to use our mathematics curriculum called Abacus that we will use to support our mathematical understanding and bridge gaps from the Y5 summer term, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and enforced school closure. This scheme is interactive and links well to home leaning, so you can support what your children will be covering:


Place value; addition Weeks 1 and 2 focus on establishing a robust understanding of place value in relation to whole numbers and decimals, which is then used in written methods and mental strategies in addition.


Algebra - Week 3 focuses on algebra – developing the use of trial and improvement methods, knowledge of the order of operations including brackets, and the manipulation of sentences containing unknowns.


Subtraction - Week 5 focuses on mental strategies and written methods in subtracting and the appropriate use of both with whole and decimal numbers, including money.


Multiplication - Week 6 focuses on mental strategies and written methods in multiplying; both long and short multiplication are rehearsed, alongside a range of mental tactics. Negative numbers; fractions -


Week 7 focuses on positive and negative whole numbers, and then comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions, including mixed numbers.


Shape, and measurement in relation to shape - Week 8 focuses on 2D shapes, their properties, areas, and perimeters, and 3D shapes, their nets, volumes and properties.


Division; fractions and percentages Weeks 9, 10 and 11 focus on division and fractions; children rehearse mental strategies and short division, giving remainders as fractions; fractions are added, subtracted, multiplied and divided; finding percentages is also covered


Place value; subtraction Week 12 focuses on a robust understanding of place value in large numbers, which underpins the subtraction work that follows.

English: Using our first Goodnight Mr Tom class novel as a basis for our learning, then Rose Blanche and Letters from the Lighthouse, we will be writing letters home as a WW2 evacuee, creating recounts, and then moving onto short narratives with dialogue. Vocabulary choices will be explored during the novel study lessons.


After half term, with our new novel, The Wolf Wilder, we will be writing chronological reports for a newspaper and creating some interesting Haiku poetry in the lead up to Christmas. Throughout this term we will also be using ‘Cracking Comprehension, so that we offer a wider range of texts to look closely at comprehension. Spellings will continue to be revised daily through the morning wake up work and also in Read, Write Inc lessons.

Science: Our first half term looks at the unit - ‘How can you send a coded message?’ which links with the WW2 topic well and allows them to explore basic circuitry.


In our ‘Frozen Kingdoms’ topic we will investigate ‘Living things and their habitats’ where we will undertake several interesting investigations: How do animals stay warm? Can we slow cooling down?

PE: Our regular PE slots are on Thursday and Friday afternoons and are delivered by Mr Lyons, our School Sports Coordinator.


Children with pierced ears will need to remove them please, or have plasters sent with them to cover them to avoid unnecessary injury during lessons. Long hair will also need to be tied back, please. Due to COVID-19, for the time being, please send your child to school in their kit on PE days as we need to reduce the risk of cross contamination whilst changing and amount of clothing in school. Fortunately, our sessions are scheduled for the last session so they won’t need to sit in them for the rest of the day, having exercised.


REWe have adopted the jigsaw scheme for RE, so our first unit will compare Islam and Christianity and ask questions such as: ‘What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?’ ‘Do religious people lead better lives? Do all religious beliefs influence people to behave well towards others? Do Christmas celebrations and traditions help Christians understand who Jesus was and why he was born? How significant is it that Mary was Jesus’ mother? Do sacred texts have to be ‘true’ to help people understand their religion?

Art and Design: This term we will be creating artwork around WW2 including portraits of soldiers, vector art of famous faces including Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill. We will be creating interesting images of the Blitz in Sheffield inside the pupil of an eye. Later on, we will be looking at creating artwork based on Frozen Kingdoms with polar bears, penguins and wolves etc as our focus..

ICT: During our ICT learning, we shall focus on coding for the first half term. We aim to further enhance these skills that they have learnt outside the classroom and help them to become more confident and informed when using their devices outside of school.


These lessons will be taught by Mr Walton on a Tuesday afternoon.

Spanish: We are having a complete change from French at St Thomas, to bring us in line with Swinton Academy, so even in Y6 we will be starting with the basics, for example looking at greetings, using numbers 20, giving someone’s name and describing someone.

PSCHE: We are using the scheme Jigsaw that we adopted last year. In Y6, our first unit will be ‘Being me in my world’. After half term, we move onto ‘Celebrating Diversity’. There will be discussions on mindfulness and concerns about COVID-19 whenever the need arises.

Geography: Maps; We will be looking at geographical similarities and differences and also at Islands of the World. We will be tracking the journey of the osprey (in the novel) as it migrates across the world. 

History and GeographyIn history we will be looking at the Second World War then emigration and exploration in the early 1900s. In Geography we start by learning about human geography, cities of the UK that were bombed during the Blitz and then we move onto features of the Polar Regions.

Music: Using Charanga, our music scheme, we will be looking at Music and being happy, followed by Jazz after half term, We will be studying pop, neo soul, Bacharach and the Blues.

Ways to help your child:

  • By talking about the topics and finding information from books, library, computers or the internet. Please do encourage them to bring in any information they to school, so we can share what they have found out.
  • By discussing any maths home learning with them and helping and encouraging them to complete tasks on time.
  • By sharpening their multiplication skills and quizzing them on their times tables – you can make this fun by doing it at random times or using playing cards to generate numbers.
  • By chatting with them about their English work and taking an interest in their spelling lists.
  • By reading with them regularly for about 10 minutes (longer if it is fun) and talking with them about the book they bring home. There will be a reading diary to complete at home and plenty of dojos awarded for regular readers (3 per day)!
  • By supporting our behaviour policy and reminding your child of the expectations that they do their very best at all times.