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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five!

Dear parents,


Welcome back!


I hope you have had a nice summer. I am so excited to welcome the class back into Class 5 and have another year with all of them. Miss Burgess and I have thoroughly enjoyed our first week with them and cannot wait to keep going!


Our first topic this year, which we will be studying throughout the Autumn Term will be Ancient Egypt. This topic will support children in their knowledge of History and comes just before the topic of Romans which we studied last year.


In Maths this year we will continue to follow the Abacus scheme. This will enable us to ensure a smooth transition from Year 4 and will help to plug any gaps that have occurred due to the school closure last year. This term we will be looking at:


  • Adding and subtracting 5-digit numbers.
  • Decimal numbers including tenths and hundredths.
  • Converting 12 and 24-hour clock.
  • Comparing fractions.
  • Multiplying 3 and 4-digit numbers.
  • Using a protractor.

In English our novel study is The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss. This links to our topic of Ancient Egypt. We will be writing letters, creating a balanced argument, writing a narrative and looking at poetry. We will also continue to follow the Cracking Comprehension guide which will allow us to develop their Year 5 reading skills while also using some Year 4 texts where needed for catch up work. Our Read Write Ink spelling scheme will continue into Year 5 and will again be used to ensure that the class continue their progress onto the Year 5 and 6 common exception words.


In Science this term we will be looking at animals, including humans, and how to work scientifically. We will also be doing an investigation on ‘Why does milk go off’? These topics will give the class a deeper understanding of the world around them and how to classify animals in their surroundings.

In Computing we will be looking at coding and online safety. This will improve the children’s digital literacy and make them aware of how to use the internet safely.


Football and netball skills will be covered in PE this term. We will be practicing our hand-eye coordination in netball and our balance in football.

Art will be focusing on looking at colour mixing and using this in creating various types of Egyptian art. This links into our DT topics of looking at Egyptian food and making tombs and pyramids. Through these studies we will continue to explore our topic of Ancient Egypt.


We will begin our studies of Christianity this term and also look at Islam and the comparisons we can make between the two religions. This will help the children to explore the world and the people around them.


Finally, our music lessons will follow the Charanga scheme and we will be looking at the song ‘Living On A Prayer’ and then exploring Jazz music.

Ways you can help your child this term:


  • Reading books with them at home. The more the children read the larger their vocabulary grows and their understanding of the world around them increases. This is vital as the grow through the school system.
  • Completing homework. Homework will be set on a Friday for the next Friday. This is important to keep the children working on the various topics that we study throughout the season.
  • Practicing times-tables. The children had a very good understanding of their tables last year but sadly didn’t get the chance to show this knowledge off in the assessment at the end of the year. This knowledge is important to continue their mathematical development.
  • By talking to them about their school day. Asking questions and listening will help children to engage in the school day.


Please get in touch on Dojo if you have any questions.


Mr Walton