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Roots & Fruits

The church calendar is made up of seasons that follow the life of Jesus. The church year begins in late November or early December with Advent, a time of preparation for Jesus’ birth. In Christian churches one of four colours – purple, green, gold (or white) and red – referred to as ‘liturgical colours’, are used for altar linen, clergy robes and various hangings. The colour reflects the season, so that for instance in Advent purple is used, a colour of royalty because we are preparing to welcome the coming of a king. Purple is used again in Lent because it also symbolises suffering and pain.

At Christmas and Easter the colour changes to white or gold, both bright optimistic colours for festivals, times for joy and celebration. Between the festivals green cloths symbolise all living things, renewal and promise of new life. And finally, red is the colour of fire, used in churches to celebrate Pentecost and saints’ days.

Example of Collective Worship Planning

Prayer Spaces

Some of our current ‘Prayer Space’ activities around school

Class Reflection & Worship

Worship Council is made up of children from Year 5. 


For Worship Council we have 8 members










Worship Council’s role is to help lead collective worship, monitor collective worship and help promote reflection and collective worship around the school. 


Our Worship Council Themes are

Autumn 1 - Thankfulness

Autumn 2 - Trust

Spring 1 - Perseverance

Spring 2 - Justice

Summer 1 - Service

Summer 2 - Truthfulness

Roots and Fruits

Roots and Fruits is a Christian Collective Worship resource. 


Rooted in Bible teachings, 12 Christian Values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is loved out in everyday life. 


Each term focuses on one value which links with the season of the church year. 

Worship Council

Generosity Bella and Barney

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Worship During Covid 19 Restrictions

It is great to be back in school! Welcome back Lydia.

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