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Vision, Values and Aims

Our School Mission Statement


The aim of Kilnhurst St Thomas C of E (VC) Primary Academy is to nurture the spiritual development of each child in a caring atmosphere that demonstrates and advocates the Christian values and attitudes that underpin the foundation and ethos of the school.


Kilnhurst St Thomas' C of E Primary Academy actively seeks to promote high achievement and learning for life by working with our children to:


  • Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity;
  • Become highly motivated life-long learners;
  • Be flexible and adaptable for the modern world;
  • Have high self-esteem - respecting themselves, others and the environment;
  • Be able to work independently and together;
  • Achieve high standards in all aspects of the curriculum;
  • Gain advanced technological skills;
  • Seek to extend themselves in body, mind and spirit;
  • Build Christian values into the ethos and teaching, developing our pupils a sympathetic understanding of all faiths.


Our school welcomes all children whatever their and their parents' beliefs.

Our School Vision


At St Thomas' CE Primary Academy we believe in providing a safe, caring and open environment where all children are encouraged to develop self-confidence, alongside tolerance of others, enabling them to work collaboratively and independently with high motivation and enjoyment.


Our children will have the opportunity to aim for high attainment in order to reach their potential.  We want our children to develop the attitudes and skills to learn and the ability to be creative and adapt to change.  We expect our children to display positive behaviour in and out of the classroom.


Our school will strive for inclusion, meeting the needs of the community within a Christian ethos.


Learners First Partnership Mission:

  • All children will make at least good progress
  • There will be no underperforming cohorts
  • All teachers will deliver at least good learning
  • All schools will move to the next level of successful performance.

Our Christian Values


We promote Christian values in all we do with a particular emphasis on:


Respect – We believe in upholding high levels of respect for all, where everyone is valued and appreciated.


Perseverance – We believe that everyone should have the ability and desire to persevere and aim high when things get tough.


Compassion – We believe that compassion, kindness and care are at the core of good human nature and are the basis for successful futures and positive relationships.


Courage – We believe that children should be taught to be brave and have the strength to be their own person in an environment where failure is deemed as useful for future success.