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School Parliament

In the first term of every school year each class will elect 2 representatives to be members of the pupil parliament. In addition, every school year the children will elect two School Ambassadors from Year 6 to represent our school.


Pupil Parliament meets at least twice every half term to discuss issues and ideas such as school lunches, behaviour and fundraising events. Mrs Mitchell will facilitate these meetings and feedback any matters arising to Mrs Sherwood. Pupil Parliament representatives are responsible for reporting back on issues to their class members.

Meet our Pupil Parliament 2020-21


Year 1- Amber and Freddie

Year 2 - Kiera and Annie

Year 3 - Amelia and Freddie

Year 4 - Ross and Casey

Year 5 - Alfie and Daisy

School Ambassadors - Kerry and Liam



Our Pupil Parliament members are representatives chosen by pupils to help with the decisions affecting the school, making sure it is the best place to be.