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School Mission, Vision, Aims and Values

Our school motto is

‘Moving forward with faith in learning’.


Our School Mission:

 In pursuing our Vision, we believe that we can nurture and develop future citizens that we can all be proud of and people that make a difference both to their community and to their world. We also believe that everyone in our school community deserves to be valued and cared for completely, equally and unconditionally. Through an awareness of understanding the rights of others, we will promote individual and collective responsibility towards respecting and protecting the rights of all, regardless of race, religion, age or ability. Together, we will work to develop a healthy and caring community where we can articulate our values and all children have a sense of their personal identity and worth.


Our School Vision:


At Kilnhurst St Thomas’ we believe:

  • The individual learner is at the centre of all that we do;
  • Every learner is an individual and is to be respected, valued, and nurtured;
  • Every learner has a ‘voice’ and that this voice should be listened to and encouraged;
  • Encourage every learner to embrace the love of reading.


Our School Aims:


At Kilnhurst St Thomas' C of E Primary Academy, we aim to:

  • Build Christian values into the ethos and teaching, developing our pupils a sympathetic understanding and respect for all faiths, cultures and protected characteristic groups;
  • Motivate and engage children through an inspiring and rich curriculum dedicated to developing confident, knowledgeable and resilient leaners who can achieve the best possible outcomes both in school and in their wider lives.
  • Enrich children’s lives by fostering strong and welcoming partnerships between school, parents, church and the wider community.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment where staff know children and their families well, thus enabling them to flourish, feel loved and cared for.
  • Foster a culture of high aspiration where children recognise their own self-worth and have knowledge of the wider opportunities available to them, both now and in the future.



Christian Values

Roots and Fruits

'A tree is known by its fruit'

Matthew 12.33


Roots and Fruits is what we base our Christian Values and collective worship on.

It is rooted in Bible teaching and twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in everyday life.

Each term focuses on one value (theme) which links with the season of the Church year. 

We promote Christian values in all we do with particular emphasis on:





Cycle A

Cycle B















Summary of the theological rationale of Kilnhurst St Thomas' C of E Primary Academy. 


  • Children are valued as individuals created in the image of God and loved by God;  
  • School is a place of nurture and care and an environment in which children will be loved, safe and secure; 
  • Our education environment will be creative and stimulating and we will follow the way of Christ the teacher, drawing learners into the joy of learning;
  • Our family walks together on our learning journey. 



Our school welcomes all.


School Prayer

(Created by Worship Council September 2021)

Oh Lord,

Bless our school,

Where we are loved, safe and secure.

Always caring and sharing.

May we be valued as individuals on our learning journey,

And continue to walk together in the image of God.



DSAT Improvement Mission:


  • To create and sustain challenging, stimulating, nurturing and exciting learning experiences where all children achieve well and are keen to learn. 
  • To deliver excellent teaching and learning for all pupils every day. 
  • To offer an inclusive framework for education that opens for our children “life in all its fullness”.
  • To empower leadership at all levels to drive improvements so that school is aspirational and improves to its next level of performance.