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Remote Learning

The lead person for Remote Learning at St. Thomas' is Mrs Victoria Sherwood.


Our Remote Learning Policy has been in place since September 2020 and has been well implemented and received so far. Remote Learning for this purpose is defined as the learning activities that will be provided for a child who cannot attend school and access education in person. Remote learning takes several forms - tasks set online, paper based activities, recorded lessons and live lessons. We aim to provide at least 3 hours of activity per day and would like children to also access some form of physical activity to supplement this wherever possible. 


Please find below a summary of what will happen should children need to access learning away from the school site.


Individual Self Isolation Cases

As soon as we are notified that a child will not be attending due to Covid restrictions, class teachers will signpost parents and carers to activities they can be doing on line or via ideas sent on Class Dojo. This will be subject to the child being well enough and will be in addition to reading, practising spellings and times tables where appropriate. This will be the requirement of teachers for days 1 and 2 of absence.


On day 2, class teachers will make contact with parents and carers by telephone to arrange a time for a 'Zoom' call or a "Microsoft Teams' video call. This video call will continue for each day of absence where teachers will carry out a short input to directly teach the children and set work for the following day.  

Where possible and appropriate, we will try to use Zoom to allow children to access the class activities virtually. However, this is not always possible and would not be routinely available.

We have access to a Remote Learning teacher who is working on behalf of DSAT, our Academy Trust. When children are expected to be off school for longer than a week we will consult with you to ascertain if this would be a suitable option. The Remote Learning teacher will be able to engage with your child much more often as they will not have the rest of the class to teach as your child's actual class teacher will.


Our plan is that work will be shared in this way where ever possible but we will also ensure there are copies on paper should you prefer them.

We are using Microsoft Sway to share activities as this is easy to access from any device and doesn't require a log in. Teacher will attach links and videos into the Sway document which can be accessed as many times as required.

We will use video conferencing where possible but we are mindful that there are many of our families who struggle to access devices and reliable internet connections. Where video conferencing is used, Zoom is our preferred platform as we have found this to be easier to access for parents and carers.

We will not expect any resources to be printed at home and work will be set lesson by lesson and will be very specific. Completed work should be photographed and returned via Class Dojo or Email. Teachers can then assess the progress made by children and identify what they will need to do next.


For pupils in EYFS, work and activities will also be set via Sway and classroom staff will engage with children via a video call. This is all age and stage dependent and we know some children may find this difficult. Teachers will do their very best to meet children's needs.


Bubble or School Closure



If any of our school 'bubbles' are forced to close due to a confirmed case, we will let you know as soon as possible and children and staff in that bubble will be sent home. Children will bring home a work pack. Remote Learning will begin the following day with teachers and teaching assistants working from home or from school (with the children of critical workers and vulnerable children) to 'live teach' their class if possible. This would be in the form of 30 minute inputs from the teacher followed by independent activity at home. This process will be repeated 3 times throughout the day. There will be a final video conference to conclude the day which will take the form of class text time, collective worship and review and reflection of the day.

Where a bubble or the whole school is closed, we will contact all families to ensure that ALL children have access to device for them to use to ensure that no one is disadvantaged. This will not necessarily be for children to work on but for them to view the live lesson. We will not expect parents to print resources for use at home and will use class dojo to share work where it is not available in a pre made pack which is sent home. Our aim is to replicate the school day as much as possible and whilst parents and carers will need to ensure children are prepared and can access the work, they will need to remain in earshot and will not be required if at all possible to support the children with their activities.


Where Zoom is used during a bubble closure we aim to have 2 members of staff present on the call for safeguarding purposes. Where this is not possible, teachers may record sessions which will be stored for 7 days.


Access to Devices

The school has been allocated some laptops for children Self Isolating to use. We will always ask parents and carers if they require a device to use while children are self isolating and will provide these wherever they are required. We only have a small number of these devices however and so will supplement this with devices from the school wherever we can. We don not want any children to be disadvantaged in terms of their access to education by not have the appropriate technology. We have also sourced 4G data SIM cards from Vodafone which we can provide if required. Please do let us know if this is something you will need when we speak with you.


This again is another whole new way of working and we are doing everything to make sure it is successful. There will be bumps in the road and we thank you for your patience in advance where this happens. Please expect a call should your child be unable to attend so that we can work quickly to make sure they are still receiving their education.


Our Remote Learning provision is aligned as closely as possible to the DSAT Virtual Learning Strategy, taking into account the school's individual circumstances.