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Religious Education

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Our Mission Statement


The aim of St Thomas' C of E Primary School is to nurture the spiritual development of each child in a caring atmosphere that demonstrates and advocates the Christian values and attitudes that underpin the foundation and ethos of the school.


Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) 2011


Since 1944, all schools have been required to teach Religious Education (RE) to all pupils and therefore RE is part of the basic curriculum for all pupils.


The Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for RE (2011) provides a coherent framework for setting high standards of learning in RE and enabling children to reach their potential in this subject. It also specifies the programmes of study for each key stage and units of work for each year group.  The Curriculum Map below provides detailed information on the distribution of these units across our school.


The Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) 2011 has been created by the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus Conference and approved by the Statutory Advisory Conferences on RE for all community schools in Rotherham.  It is the legal basis for RE in Rotherham: RE is locally determined, so implementing this syllabus ensures that St Thomas' CE Primary School will be teaching what the laws require.





St Thomas CE Primary School - Religious Education Map

Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2011)