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Power Cadets

The POWER Cadet and Ambassador programme is a student-led online safety programme. Its aim is to train children and young people to lead on online safety in their own school environment..

As Cadets and Ambassadors you will have access to termly training, so you can keep up to date with online safety risks and also share ideas and showcase your work within your school. You will be able to collaborate with your fellow digital leaders from other schools and also help to develop new resources and training ideas.

We have provided some initial resources to get the programme started and these will be developed constantly as we go through the school year. If you have any ideas for new resources that can be developed then please ask your teacher to let us know.

We hope that being part of this programme will bring benefits to both you and your school.

  • You will increase your knowledge about staying safe online.

  • We will make online safety learning fun and effective.

  • You will have the opportunity to work within a team and to develop your leadership skills.

  • We will help your school be an effective online safety school.

  • You will support your friends, other students and their parents to understand the importance of staying safe.

Cyberbulling poster

Stay Safe online poster

Meet St Thomas' Power Cadets.

Watch this space!