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Summer Term 2022

Summer 1 - Animal Safari 

In the Animal Safari project, your child will learn about incredible animals that live worldwide. They will explore various animal habitats and compare the animals that live there with animals in their locality. They will learn how to care for pets and what all animals need to grow, survive and stay happy and healthy. They will explore animal features and find out how they survive in the wild. They will compare the ways that animals are similar and different.

Supporting your child at home

  • Go on a local safari to find out about the animals that live in your garden or local park.
  • Look at animals from around the world, discuss your favourite animals and find out some fantastic facts.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? And ‘Key Vocab’ resources below.

Summer 2 - On the Beach

In this project, your child will learn about animals that live in rock pools and on the seashore. They will explore days out at the beach and compare their experiences with beach holidays in the past. They will learn about the animals that live in the sea and find out about worldwide seas and oceans. They will explore the importance of looking after the environment to keep living things safe. They will learn about staying safe at the beach and find out about people who help us.

Supporting your child at home

  • Go for a day out at the beach, and investigate a rock pool.
  • Look at pictures of family days out at the beach and talk about the activities you enjoy.
  • Use Google Earth to look at images of seas and oceans around the world.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? And ‘Key Vocabulary’ resources below

Spring Term 2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome back for Spring  2022 and to our new topic of Long Ago. We hope you had a fantastic break and feel ready for the year ahead.


In the Long Ago project your child will learn about their history and how they have changed from when they were babies. They will learn about their family history and heritage and find out what life was like when their grandparents were children. They will learn about what it was like to go to school in the past and how everyday objects, such as clothes, toys and vehicles have changed.

As a mini project we will also cover 'Stories & Rhymes'. This project teaches children about traditional stories and rhymes and gives them the opportunity to play with words and learn new vocabulary.


Supporting your child at home

  • Look at photographs of the children as babies and discuss how they have grown and changed.
  • Look at family photographs so the children can see family members when they were children.
  • Talk about what your life was like when you were a child.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? resource.


PE - Please continue to send your child to school in PE kit each Tuesday.


Reading - we will continue to require children to bring their book bags on a daily basis. We ask that children share their decodable books/sounds at least three times a week and an adult records this in their reading diary. Children will be given reward badges once they have recorded 50 home reads. 

Spring 2 2022

After February half term we will move onto the topic 'Ready, Steady, Grow'

In the Ready Steady Grow project your child will take part in practical activities to explore where food comes from. They will learn what seeds and plants need to grow and grow a variety of plants. They will explore what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, including eating fruit and vegetables, exercise and teeth brushing. They will find out about life on a farm and about baby animals.


Supporting your child at home

  • Visit your local library and find books about farms to share.
  • Make a shopping list together and go to the shops to buy the food.
  • Grow some quick growing plants or make a cress head.
  • Talk about healthy foods.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? resource.


Our mini project will be the 'Signs of Spring' project, your child will go on a walk to look for signs of spring in the local area. They will learn about the changes that happen in spring, including the weather and living things. Springtime festivals will also be explored.


Supporting your child at home

  • Go on a spring walk and take photographs of the signs of spring.
  • Make a weather diary to observe how the weather changes.
  • Visit a pond and look for signs of new life, such as ducklings and frogspawn. Visit again over time to observe changes.
  • Share and discuss the Did you know? resource.

What to expect in the EYFS - A parent guide

Autumn 1 Outcomes - What a great start to the year 😊

Autumn 2021

WELCOME to our new class of 2021 - 22. We are looking forward to enjoying getting to know all our new children and families. Staff will be returning to school on Wednesday the 1st of September for up to date training and to ensure our learning environments are ready for you to enjoy. Families should have received their information regarding your child’s start date (staggered from WC 6th Sept) and transition for the first few weeks. Staff will continue to use the Class Dojo app to share our play and learning experiences, school information and reply to none urgent messages from Parents/Carers. If you are not yet signed up to Class Dojo please speak to a member of the team. 


Autumn Term 1... Me & My Community

In the Me and My Community project, your child will learn about the school community and building friendships. They will explore the school grounds and find out about all the people in school who are there to help them. They will explore how they are special and unique and how everyone’s family is different. They will take part in practical activities to support them to build new friendships and explore what makes a good friend. They will also find out about people in the community who help us, including doctors, nurses, and the emergency services.

Supporting your child at home

  • Look at family photographs together and discuss who is part of your family and extended family.
  • Look at baby photographs and talk about how they have grown.
  • Look at any childhood photographs of parents and grandparents.
  • Talk about the things you like to do together and places you like to go.


Autumn Term 2 ...Exploring Autumn 2021

In the Exploring Autumn mini project, your child will go on a woodland walk to learn about the seasonal changes that happen in autumn. They will learn about birds and animals that live in the woods and how they survive as the weather gets colder. They will take part in practical and creative activities that will support them to learn about autumn. To support our RE work we will contribute to the school Harvest Festival in order to give thanks for the food we receive.

Supporting your child at home

  • Go on a walk around your local area and talk about what happens to trees and plants during autumn.
  • Take some pictures to share at school.
  • Collect leaves, seeds, nuts and berries to add to an autumn collection.
  • Make some bird food to feed the birds as the weather gets colder.


The FS2 class team will consist of Mrs Webster (EYFS Lead/SENDCo & Assistant Head), Mrs Moore (Higher Level Teaching Assistant), Mr Lyons, Miss Levick & Mr Whiting (Teaching Assistants). 

See you all soon 

Mrs Webster 🌈 


It is GREAT to be back in class!

Lockdown Learning 2021

Early Adopters 2020

Self Isolation Suggested Timetable