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DEP - Developing Excellence Plan

Key Priorities for 2018-2019 from Data Analysis and Other Identified Areas for Development in School


  • Priority 1 - Leadership, Management and Collaboration

    To ensure all children experience "good or better" teaching, all of the time

    · Improve the % good and outstanding teaching and learning through clearly defined pedagogy

    · Continue to ensure planning and assessment materials are used together to provide accurate and evidenced judgments which are consistent for each teacher

    · To ensure staff understand the role of Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and Subject leader in ensuring teaching is good or better in their areas

    · To ensure interventions are taking place and have an impact on the children learning and progress profile.

    · Continue to improve outcomes for pupil premium pupils


    Priority 2 - 1. Teaching, learning & attainment

    To improve reading and writing progress and attainment, across the school

    · To implement Read, Write Inc scheme of work in Y1 (continuing in FS2)

    · To embed the systems linked to Cracking Comprehensions SOW

    · To implement Novel Study building on Reciprocal reading strategies.

    · To use the Novel Study approach to ensure a consistent approach to writing across school

    · To implement Read, Write Inc Spelling scheme of work in Y2 - Y6

    · To implement the teaching of Grammar - to lead into writing. (Y2-6)

    · Provide other opportunities to promote reading and writing


    Priority 3 - 1. Teaching, learning & attainment

    To improve progress and attainment in mathematics across the school

    · To implement Abacus mathematics scheme of work in Y1 - Y6 (opportunities for FS2 also)

    · Improve children's reasoning skills

    · Improve fluency fitness


    Priority 4. Pupil attitudes, engagement and welfare

    To improve promote and support personal development, behaviour, mental health and the welfare for all.

    · To improve attendance figures so that we are in line with or above the school targets of 96.1%

    · To improve the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyle

    · To monitor and review safeguarding policy in line with updates from Children in Education 2018  and to inform Governors through audit

    · Further develop the knowledge within school of Safeguarding issues and the procedures that must be followed by all staff

    · To allow the children to be fully aware of the key principles of the British Values. 

    · To allow the children to reflect on these values.

    · To improve the awareness of the British values by the parents and children

    · To improve and support the mental health needs of vulnerable learners.

    · To improve and support the mental health needs of staff.


If you wish to know more information regarding any of these areas please contact Mrs Sherwood