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DEP - Developing Excellence Plan

Key Priorities for 2019-2020 from Data Analysis and Other Identified Areas for Development in School


Priority 1 – OFSTED judgment of Quality of Education is a secure good. 

Improve the % of consistently good and outstanding teaching through defined pedagogy, teach simply, practice thoroughly, feedback constructively, embody excellence.


  • To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum with clear curriculum intent through subject leadership roles
  • For all staff to understand what good subject leadership looks like and identify ways forward for their subject.
  • To ensure that the curriculum is successfully adapted to meet the needs of all learners
  • To ensure that the school has further developed the depth of the curriculum to ensure all children access a broad and balanced curriculum with depth and substance (spiral curriculum).



  • Staff feel that they are well supported and have good subject knowledge in all subjects across the curriculum and all teachers and TAs use their own English skills well to effectively support pupils learning.  
  • Effective progression documents are developed to ensure that work is demanding and leads to cumulatively sufficient knowledge.
  • Teaching is responsive to children’s need and reduces barriers to progress all cohorts ensuring high standards are achieved and that children know more and remember more (knowledge organisers/retrieval practice)
  • Improve outcomes for all children: All cohorts and groups of pupils achieve at least good progress through the year and the percentage of ARE is improved with children knowing more and remembering more (knowledge organisers/retrieval practice).
  • Assessment is used well by teachers and leaders to help pupils embed and use knowledge fluently, particularly in maths & reading. (Arbour assessment)
  • Reading is fully prioritised and embedded in the curriculum (reading for pleasure, staff/pupil reading champions)
  • Improve the percentage of all children achieving ARE in reading.
  • Fluency in reading will be reached by a rigorous and sequential approach where reading books connect closely to the phonic stage taught where applicable, or, are age related texts through school (RWI, Cracking comprehension, reciprocal reading, fluency programme, Benchmark activities, reading book audit)



  • There will be a consistency across the curriculum in productivity and presentation in all cohorts in all lessons leading to an excellent standard of work
  • To ensure that all pupils have fluency and productivity to enable children to achieve ARE in maths, reading, writing and SPAG.
  • Continue to improve outcomes for pupil premium pupils



Priority 2 – OFSTED judgment of Behaviour and Attitudes is a secure good.

To improve, promote and support positive attitudes thus increasing attendance and demonstrating good learning behaviours.  

  • To improve attendance figures so that they are in line with or above school attendance target, particularly for those pupils who have particular need.
  • To ensure consistency in the behaviour policy and consistency of behaviour management strategies across all classrooms and areas of school.
  • To ensure that curriculum supports the children to be confident, resilient and independent learners, developing their strength of character.
  • To improve and support the mental health needs of vulnerable learners.


Priority 3 - OFSTED judgment of Personal Development is a secure good.

To improve, promote and support personal development, mental health and the welfare for all.   

  • To create and implement and broad and balanced curriculum which engages learners.
  • To ensure that curriculum supports the children to be confident, resilient and independent learners, developing their strength of character. To improve and support the mental health needs of vulnerable learners
  • To improve the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyle
  • To allow the children to be fully aware of the key principles of the British Values.
  • To allow the children to reflect on these values.
  • To improve the awareness of the British values by the parents and children



Priority 4 -  OFSTED judgment of Leadership and Management is a secure good.

To ensure that all staff are inducted into new leadership roles effectively

  • Further develop the knowledge within school of Safeguarding issues and the procedures that must be followed by all staff
  • To ensure that all the governing board are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities and are carrying out their duties fully.
  • Ensure SLT are successfully inducted into their new roles.
  • For all leaders to feel supported and empowered to carry out their roles effectively (senior leaders, middle leaders, subject leaders)
  • For leaders to focus on improving teachers’ subject knowledge in order to enhance the teaching of the curriculum.
  • To ensure that the NQT is fully supported in developing subject specific pedagogy to support teaching and learning.
  • To improve and support the mental health needs of staff








If you wish to know more information regarding any of these areas please contact Mrs Sherwood