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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five!



This page is all about what class 5 are learning each term. It will give key information about what is coming up, such as class trips, and look at some of the things we will be learning.


What we are learning about this half term.

Our reciprocal reading this term is based around Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will be writing both fiction and non-fiction texts using this as a stimulus. We will produce artwork and design technology pieces linked to this theme. If you have anything at home that we can use and you think might fit in well with this topic, please let us know.


In science we are learning about changing materials, we will be carrying out experiments and learning about fair testing. A good excuse to get the children baking to show how mixing different ingredients together, can create very tasty things to eat!


Our history topic will be based on castles, we will be looking at the reasons why castles were built; their defences and all about the people who lived and worked in them.


We will be training the children to be playground leaders. These are responsible pupils who will run games and activities for the rest of the school at dinner time. It will be run on a rota, so a group of leaders will be on duty every dinner time for a week; after that, it will be the turn of the other groups for the next 3 weeks.  If you get to be one, you will be given a special T-shirt and earn a certificate for completing you training.



Children should read to an adult every night for about 10 minutes. Please encourage a love of reading with your child and make time in their day to share a book, comic, magazine or instructions and talk about what they have read. Reading books are changed as required by your child.


When you read with your child, or your child reads to you, your child will be rewarded. Please sign and/or comment in their organisers on the relevant page for that week. Children are responsible for changing their books. If you think they are ready to move up a level and the can read fluently and understand and discuss a book’s content then let us know and we will assess their colour.


Book folders will be needed every day, but they need to be taken home every night, they should contain any letters from school; the child’s coloured reading book and their school organisers.


PE Kit and Uniform

During this half term, PE will take place every week on a Tuesday and Friday, so can you please make sure that all children have appropriate PE kit in school (white T-shirt, black or blue shorts, pumps). Please make sure that all PE kit, as with any uniform, has your child's name in it. It would be useful if PE kit was left in school all week in case we have to change our PE lessons for any reason. For some lessons, it is advisable to have trainers as we will go outside when the weather allows us to.  Please make sure they have appropriate kit and footwear.To keep our school looking nice and tidy, can we please remind you to make sure that children have suitable indoor pumps to change into if it is wet outside.



We notice that the best improvements are usually in the children who work hard in school and where parents encourage and support children with work at home. Homework is set on a weekly basis. Please note, if pupils are finding their homework difficult, they are welcome to bring their homework to school and we will support them with it.

Homework activities include:


  1. Times tables/ Passports: the class work focus is on random mental arithmetic. At home, children can learn their tables in order, which often gives children greater confidence during Maths lessons.  
  2. Reading: It is still vital that children read as much as possible. We do try to encourage children to spend 15 minutes engaged in daily reading. Later on this term, this may include reading comprehension sheets to be completed at home.


Collective Worship

Our school is a church school and pupils take part in collective worship through prayers, whole school assemblies and class assemblies. Each week, on Thursdays, Year Five will have their own collective worship. This is a reflective and safe experience, which encourages pupils to voice their thoughts and opinions and take part in class discussions. In addition, pupils are encouraged to write in our daily prayer book.


If you have any queries about anything please don't hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.


Thank you,

Mrs Addy

Mrs Wragg

Mrs Levick

Miss Mellors

Miss Harries