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Sports Premium Funding

St Thomas CofE Primary School

How the funding has made a difference to sport participation and attainment.

The PE and sport premium grant has made a difference to our school by enhancing and further developing our existing commitment to sport and PE. It is also used to further improve the quality of teaching and learning within PE and raise the number of pupils participating in sports related activities. We have achieved this through employing Active Fusion to work alongside teachers in lessons to develop staff expertise, deliver high quality lessons and organise a range of local intra and extra-curricular competitions. Additionally, we have employed an apprentice to work alongside Active Fusion and class teachers in enhancing the PE provision that is offered both in class lessons and extra-curricular activities. This provision provides a football, cross-country, tag-rugby and hockey club to increase pupil participation in structured sporting activities and offering a varied curriculum. The funding has also been used to provide transport to and from extra school competitions and swimming lessons so that all children have access to a range of different sports and the maintenance and purchase of PE resources. St Thomas has been awarded Silver in ‘The School Games Mark’ in 2017.


Funds Received 2016/17

Expenditure 2016/17





PE and sport premium grant spending plan 2017-2018

Allocated funding £17,650

Sports grant coordinator: Mrs C Garbutt, Miss S. Barton

PE and Sport Premium

Key Indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles


Key actions





Anticipated outcomes

Monitoring task

Evidence of impact (school, staff, pupils)

Sustainability/Next Steps

All pupils regularly participating in 2 high quality PE lessons per week.



Purchase and upkeep of spare PE kit.


Purchase new resources for PE lessons.



Upkeep and maintenance of gym equipment.

£ 200




£ 1650






£ 200


No excuse for children not to participate as they don’t have kit. Children enjoy participating and having a more positive attitude to PE. All PE resources in good working order to allow full range of PE activities.

Teacher observations of children regularly without kit.


PE Leader to monitor frequency of non-participation.


PE Leader to audit equipment every 12 months.

0% of PE lessons lost by children not having a kit in school.



Staff feedback and order forms.





Provide a healthy breakfast for the schools vulnerable children.

Purchase and supply a range of healthy breakfasts.




Children starting the day with a healthy breakfast allowing them to concentrate and be more alert.

Pupil and breakfast club staff interviews.

Feedback from teachers.


Key Indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement.


Key actions

Allocated Funding


Anticipated outcomes

Monitoring task

Evidence of impact (school, staff, pupils)


Provide opportunities for pupils to experience a range of sports through after school clubs.

Establish 3-4 different after-school clubs for both KS1 and KS2.

1 run by Active Fusion and apprentice.


Purchase and maintain upkeep of resources for these clubs.










£ 200


A good choice of sports clubs to increase participation in after-school clubs.

Children interviews and questionnaire.


Register of after-school sports club/s.


Develop pupil leadership in PE.

Continue play leader support at lunchtimes and arrange groups by Active Fusion.


Purchase and maintain playground leader equipment.








£ 500


Playground leaders organising and leading activities on the school grounds with stimulating activities for children.


  1. return to class alert and focussed for afternoon sessions.

Children questionnaires and feedback

Increased participation throughout the year.

Playleaders more confident and knowledgeable in their role.

Play Leaders as role models for other pupils.

Increased productivity of outcomes from pupils in afternoon sessions.


KS2 children to participate in dinner time multi-sports skills.

Multi-sports sessions 12:30-1:00 for KS2 children to develop essential skills for intra and extra-curricular sporting competitions lead by Active Fusion Coach and apprentice.

£ 100


Majority of children attend and participate throughout the year.


Energised and alert in afternoon lessons.

Feedback from pupils.

10% participation in term 1

25% term 2

40% term 3




Key Indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport



Key actions

Allocated Funding


Anticipated outcomes

Monitoring task

Evidence of impact (school, staff, pupils)


Support all staff to be involved in PE delivery with coaches to increase their own knowledge and understanding through collaborative and observed practise.

Support all staff to deliver high quality and engaging PE lessons.



Increased staff confidence for the wider workforce.

Staff surveys and feedback from sports coach


Staff surveys show increased confidence in PE delivery.


CPD training for apprentice

Support PE apprentice in PE lessons and progress to achieving NVQ coaching qualification.



Develop confidence and knowledge of the primary PE curriculum teaching, learning and assessment.

Observations and meetings with apprentice and their Active Fusion mentor.

Completion with a pass mark of NVQ qualification.


Develop staff by attending external CPD courses.

Support staff in attending CPD courses to develop knowledge and expertise in PE.







Develop staff confidence in assessment of PE.

CPD on assessment of PE and new assessment tracking system.

£ 500


Increased confidence in the assessment of PE.

Staff surveys

Staff surveys show increased confidence in PE assessment.

Most children making good progress in PE lessons.


Key Indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


Key actions

Allocated Funding


Anticipated outcomes

Monitoring task

Evidence of impact (school, staff, pupils)


Provide enhanced swimming opportunities to children in Y3.

Fund the lessons and transport to ensure that all children can attend and are not disadvantaged.













Y3 children will achieve a National Curriculum award level 2 or above at the end of the block.

Dialogue between school staff and leisure centre staff regarding progress and outcomes.

70% of children to achieve Level 1


30% of children to achieve at least Level 2 or above award.


20 pupils to attend English Institute of Sport as part of the Olympic legacy.

Organise and pay for transport to and from event.

£ 500


All children will have a memorable experience of an invent which can inspire them into participating in sport at a high level.

Evaluation of the visit. Discussions with pupils on the impact.

100% of children in school on that day attend.


Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport


Key actions

Allocated Funding


Anticipated outcomes.

Monitoring task

Evidence of impact (school, staff, pupils)


To promote school team with a bespoke sports kit.

Purchase of a school team full kit for different sporting events.

£ 500



Interviews with pupils.

Children feedback.


Alternative events/activities & raise profile of sports/sporting events.


Plan sports Day.


Attend intra and extra school sporting events.


Pay for travel to and from competitions and other sporting events -taxis/minibus/coaches.









Pupils engaged in a variety of competitive sports.

Feedback from hosting schools.


Photographs of the day.







Completed by Miss S. Barton

Date 14.10.17

Review Date 01.06.18