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School Improvement Plan

Priority Overview 2016/17


Priority 1: Leadership- To establish a wider distribution of high quality leadership throughout the school.


-To reintegrate JRo back into leadership role effectively.


-To establish a wider profile of distributed leadership throughout the school, including middle leadership and TA leadership.


-To establish effective leadership of numeracy throughout the school.


  • To establish effective leadership of the inclusion team.


    -To develop the leadership of Ks teams.


    -To effectively mentor SD trainee.






    Priority 2: Raising attainment through high quality teaching and learning.


  • To continue to effectively drive ‘exhibition’; work throughout school.


  • To re-establish the learning code within school.


  • To develop and embed best work take home folders on an annual basis.


  • To develop best work assemblies - to include them in the school calendar on ahalf termly basis.


  • To re-align behaviour ladder systems and have consistence and rigour through school.


  • To begin to investigate ‘immersive learning environments’ in order to motivate and inspire children’s learning.


    - To begin to use the novel study approach to teaching aspects of literacy in KS2 and continue to deliver high quality Pi Corbett structures in FS/KS1.


    - To begin to investigate the RWI phonic programme for training/development and implementation in 2017/18





    Priority 3: Raising attainment through high quality assessment arrangements.


  • To embed the use of EMAG systems throughout school.


  • To update the EMAG assessment system in line with the updated, streamline collaborative system.


  • For all staff to access further developmental EMAG system training


  • To establish an effective foundation assessment system


  • To streamline pupil progress meetings - desktop/electronic feedback half termly - formal face to face pupil progress meetings termly.


  • To further develop and embed the triangulation system currently within school.


  • To develop SEND data, bringing in line with Pupil Premium data on EMAG system.


  • To further embed inter and intra school moderation processes.


  • To develop and enhance AfL practices within school, through leadership direction and peer mentoring/coaching activities.


    - To embed consistent making and feedback practices throughout school.